SUMMER CAMP Program 2016, Prince of Songkla

Senin, 20 Februari 2017 - 13:24 WIB
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Malang - A total of 27 students from the Faculty of International Studies (FIS), Prince of Songkla University (PSU) Phuket – Thailand came to Universitas Islam Malang to learn language and culture of Indonesia, through Summer Camp Program 2016. This event was organized by the Office of International Affairs (KUI) UNISMA, held for 40 days, as the implementation of international cooperation between UNISMA with PSU Songkla Thailand.

Started on May 5 2016, this program allowed the participants to get new experience in Indonesia such as learning Indonesian traditional dance, playing gamelan (traditional instrument of Indonesia), enjoying Indonesian beverages, and studying Bahasa. Moreover, The Indonesian material was given regularly in Indonesian class. It involved Foreign Language Development Center (P2BA) UNISMA, Faculty of Engineer (FT), Faculty of Economy (FE), Faculty of Agriculture (Faperta), Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet), Medical Faculty (FK), Faculty of Teaching and Training (FKIP), as the tutors of Bahasa. In addition, the participants also got the opportunity of observing the family life in Indonesia, by home stay program.

To explore some tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially Malang, the foreign students was invited to join out bound. They went to some destination around Malang, such as Alon-alon (Downtown Park) in Malang, Kusumaagro, Alon-alon Batu, Wisata Tugu (monument), and modern shopping center. This program also introduced the students about how batik made.  So, they visited ‘Antique’, House Batik and Kebaya, which is located in Pekalongan Street, Malang City. The participants were invited to enjoy the magnificence of Bromo Mountain, the tourism icon of East Java. As the final destination of this program, they had trip to Bali Island, the place as a symbol of cultural and natural tourism in Indonesia.

The Summer Camp Program 2016 officially closed on June 14. The closing ceremony was held in Usman Mansur Hall presented the traditional performance. They were Tarian Malangan, Gamelan, and Campur Sari. Rector of UNISMA, Prof. Dr. Maskuri, M. Si, and the Head of International Office, Hj. Novi Arfarita, SP.,MP.,M.Sc.,Ph.D. also gave the speech of acknowledgment for closing. (kaff,nil)