Joint Summer Program 2017, University of Islam Malang

Senin, 27 November 2017 - 07:54 WIB
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UNISMA still participates on exploring Indonesia through its programs. Recently, International Office of UNISMA, in collaboration with Agriculture Institute of Bogor (IPB) and the Minister of Research and Higher Education held ‘Joint Summer Program 2017’. In this program there are 17 participants consist of the students from Prince of Songkhla University (Thailand), Takushoku University (Japan), Yamaguchi University (Japan) and some student of University of Islam Malang.

Started on 21 August 2017, Joint Summer Program 2017 offers two courses. They are Cultural Course and International Community Engagement (ICE). Cultural Course is to persuade the participants to recognize Indonesian culture. In this course, they are learning how to create batik, observing tempe making process, enjoying dancing Topeng Malangan, and learning the history of Malang, especially about Singosari Kingdom. They also enjoy some tourism places in Malang such as Alon-alon Malang, Alon-alon Batu, Jahe Waterfall and Balaikota Malang.

Moreover, International Community Engagement (ICE) is the volunteer activity in Selorejo Lake, Ngantang. They helped the local people in eradicating water hyacinth grown on the lake using motorboat, and processing it become the compost and silage that would be advantageous for the local people farming activities. So that, this course is also called as ‘turning problem into blessing’.

This program is officially closed on Saturday, 26 August 2017. In this ceremony, the participants performed the Traditional Japanese dance and Indonesian dance. They also presented about the courses and delivered the speech of their impression about this program.(NIL)