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Along with the establishment of University of Islam Malang (UNISMA) on March 27th, 1981, under the auspices of the institution of Ma`arif Education Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), UNISMA well-known as a Multi-cultural University and the Biggest NU Collage in Indonesia and has been widely and increasingly gained the trust from the various elements of society in order to participate in the success of national development especially in education. As the one of accredited independent higher education institution and as the top 10 university in East Java, UNISMA has been attended by more than 15.000 students in 10 faculties or 20 fields of study.

 1.      Undergraduate Program (S1)

- Business Administration (Faculty of Administration Science)

- Biology (Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Sciences)

- Agriculture and Agribusiness (Faculty of Agriculture)

- Animal Husbandry (Faculty of Animal Husbandry)

- Civil, Electro, mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)

- Indonesian Language and Literature , English language, Mathematics, and Teacher Profession (Faculty of Teacher Training and Education)

- Management, Syariah Banking, Accounting (Faculty of Economics and Business), Law (Faculty of Law)

- Medical Profession Program, Medical Sciences, and Pharmacy (Medical Faculty)

- Islamic Law, Raudhatul Athfal Teacher Education, Islamic Education, Islamic Primary School Education (Faculty of Islamic)

 2.      Master Program (S2)

- Master of Islamic Education

- Master of Islamic Law

- Master of Law Science

- Master of Indonesian Language Education

- Master of English Language Education

- Master of Administration Science

- Master of Animal Husbandry

-  Master of Notaries

3.      Doctoral Program (S3)

- Doctor of Multicultural Islamic Education

Vision: The vision of UNISMA is to become an excellent university with international standing and future orientation in science, technology, and culture for welfare and good character of the people, based on Islam Ahlun sunnah wal jamaah. To realize its vision, the strategic planning (milestone) consisting of teaching university, research university, entrepreneur university, and world class university were developed.

As the evidence of these trusts, UNISMA, with the increasing of his existence, currently gained the public trusts from the government, either through the Director General of Ministry of National Education and Higher Education or Kemenag in implementing various prestigious projects more than 50 billion has been achieved.Including the World Bank through the project of I-MHERE (Indonesian-Managing Higher Education for Relevance and Efficiency), the Australian Government HPEQ LAYER, ELOIS, ADS, and various mass organizations and LSM also give confidence to UNISMA in service to society, nation and State.

Recently, UNISMA has also won various grant funds through the Grant Program Competition either A1, A2, INHERENT, the most recent is a PHP-PTS 2010 and in 2011 also PHKI 2011 from the Directorate General of Higher Education, in addition UNISMA also one of the colleges that get laid off PHK- PKPD (PHK, Physician Education Quality Improvement) which was implemented in the beginning of 2011, Quality Improvement and Teacher Qualifications from Kemendiknas and Kemenag RI, as well as the Pilot Project of PGMI has also been achieved.In early 2008, Unisma got reward Grace Campus (AKU) from East Java Kopertis Region VII as a Competitive Higher Education Kopertis Region VII. UNISMA also currently develops Halal Laboratory Centre and Flats Simple Lease (Rusunawa) for affordable students to accommodate their facilities.

From the aspect of curriculum, the entire program of UNISMA Studies in Competency-Based Curriculum has been implemented through a learning process with a system of PBL (Problem Based Learning), so that graduates UNISMA able to face the future in the global era, in line with the development of globalization.In addition, in line with the development of Higher Education, UNISMA was now developing as a leading Islamic college and Entrepreneur University and Research University. To support all of these, the campus has opened facilities namely UNISMA WiFi Area in some areas to facilitate students to access the online information. Those facts are not exaggerating if UNISMA is associated as the right Institutions of Higher Education to choose in order to realize our bright futures.

We hope that this profile can be used as a guideline, especially for prospective students of UNISMA.May Allah SWT bless us.