Group Tour Visit

If you are international visitors/tourists/students and are in Malang, Indonesia, and you want to know more about UNISMA. Please feel free to contact OIA UNISMA Malang to schedule a campus tour. Volunteers of OIA UNISMA Malang will be more than happy to provide orientation for your family.

Please contact OIA UNISMA for further information.

Jalan Mayjend Haryono 193, Malang East Java, Indonesia, Postal Code 65144
Tel.: +62 (0) 341 551 932 or +62 (0) 341551 822 ext. 159 Fax: +62 (0) 341 552 249. E-mail:    website:

Send us an email or a message via WhatsApp if you have any questions:

  • Dr. Imam Wahyudi Karimullah, SS., MA: +628128158118
  • Syaiful Sulaiman, S.Pd: +6285230665099