Graduate Programs

UNISMA Malang, Indonesia

Graduate Programs: Apply Now!

UNISMA Malang welcomes students from all (different religious and cultural) backgrounds. Its students, partners, and alumni are from 28 countries. Join us at UNISMA Malang!

List of Master and Doctoral Degree Programs:

Master Degrees Program

  • Master of Islamic Education
  • Master of Islamic Law
  • Master of Law Science
  • Master of Indonesian Language Education
  • Master of English Language Education
  • Master of Management
  • Master of Administration Science
  • Master of Animal Husbandry
  • Master of Notary  

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Doctor of Multicultural Islamic Education

Required Documents

  • Statement of Purpose. An essay about the purpose of studying at UNISMA, the rational of choosing the selected program, study (thesis/dissertation) plan. It should be between 500-1000 words.
  • Curriculum Vitae. It should provide information about personal contacts, educational backgrounds, working and organizational experiences (if any), achievements and awards (if any), publications (if any), and references.
  • Scanned copy of original Citizenship ID and passport (valid for a minimum of 18 months)
  • A JPEG file of current close up and color photo 4×6 (cm) with red background.
  • Scanned copy of original certificate of English proficiency test (if any).
  • Scanned copy of original certificate of Indonesian language proficiency test (if any). Prospective students are required to show good and correct Indonesian language skills (the main language of instruction at UNISMA Malang is Bahasa Indonesia). For those who don’t speak Indonesian, are required to take Indonesian classes for one semester in advance, in March-June.
  • Scanned copy of official letter of legalization for applicants’ undergraduate or master degree certificates and academic transcripts issued by the Embassy or Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia abroad.
  • Scanned copy of original previous undergraduate or master degree certificate(s) and previous academic transcript(s) in English (and legally translated in English)
  • Scanned copy of original latest Health Certificate. Having good health both physically and mentally (not staying in infectious diseases) to study at UNISMA Malang.
  • Scanned copy of original health insurance and accident insurance. Students are required to have health insurance and accident insurance while studying at UNISMA Malang. After arriving in Indonesia, the students are required to apply Indonesian government health and accident insurances.
  • Scanned copy of a signed law and employment declaration. A letter of statement that the students will not against Indonesian laws and UNISMA Malang regulations, will not work, and will not involve in any political activities while studying at UNISMA Malang.
  • Scanned copy of a signed letter of recommendation.
  • Scanned copy of original Bank Account (for self-funded applicant) with deposit at least USD1500.
  • Scanned copy of original letter of financial guarantee (for sponsored applicant). A statement letter to cover the student’s tuition fees and living expenses while studying at UNISMA Malang.

Note: All scanned copy of the original document must be in JPEG format and maximum size is 300kb. All required documents must be submitted via email to: The registration deadline is on 1 June for programs starting in September, and 1 December for programs starting in March. All prospective students have to pass the interview selection process (via online / skype).

Download Standard Operating Procedure Penerimaan Mahasiswa International (Asing) Baru di link berikut:

Admission contact:

Jalan Mayjend Haryono 193, Malang East Java, Indonesia, Postal Code 65144
Tel.: +62 (0) 341 551 932 or +62 (0) 341551 822 ext. 159 Fax: +62 (0) 341 552 249. E-mail:    website:

Send us an email or a message via WhatsApp if you have any questions:

  • Dr. Imam Wahyudi Karimullah, SS., MA: +628128158118
  • Syaiful Sulaiman, S.Pd: +6285230665099